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Product news

Feb 18, 2014


Now available for EtherCAT

CUBE67+ is the next generation of CUBE67 I/O connectivity. Backwards compatible, with the proven reliability of all the CUBE67 modules, CUBE67+ takes a leap forward to provide longer system cables, more I/O modules and takes advantage of the latest functions in newer PLCs.

CUBE67+ connects up to 32 I/O modules of your choice and can operate with a reach of up to 60 meters. CUBE67+ bus nodes operate faster and add protocol support for EtherCAT. Some of the newer bus node enhancements include an integrated Ethernet switch, built in T-Coupler for power and an easier to view IP selection window.

CUBE67+ and CUBE67 IP67 rated decentralized I/O control modules are built for the use and abuse of modern machines. Simplify your system installation, reduce your cabling, find system faults faster and trust CUBE67 and Murrelektronik to offer a properly engineered solution for your complex installation.

CUBE67+ for EtherCAT features include:

• EtherCAT IP67 bus node and I/O modules

• Support for EtherCAT’s latest version (Modular Devices Protocol)

• 32 Modules per Mode: Analog I/O, Digital I/O, RTD, Thermocouple, High Speed Counter

• Up to 60m I/O length

• Extensive Diagnostics