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Corporate News

Dec 13, 2018

Murrelektronik Hosts 29th ODVA PlugFest

December 3-5, 2018

The 29th ODVA EtherNet/IP PlugFest was held December 3-5, 2018 at the Murrelektronik Training Center in Germany. The EtherNet/IP PlugFest is held semiannually at alternating Member facilities in both North America and Europe.

For the event, companies came with their devices and their respective developers. Some of those devices were still in an early development stage. All of the attendants wanted to check to see if their device would pass both the individual and system (where multiple devices are connected in a big network) tests which were conducted at the PlugFest. Murrelektronik brought the 5653 Cube67+ BN-E V2 to see where improvements needed to be made.

The test specification for the PlugFest demands special features and tests more functionality than the Conformance Test. If a device passes the PlugFest in addition to the Conformance Test then a statement that it can be added into any network constellation at the customer location without any issues.

The event is split into two phases. First the devices are tested at individual test stations that test specific functionality: ACD-Test, Common Adapter Test, etc. These tests show if the device can handle the basic functions. If any problems occur during these tests the developers have time to solve them with the help of the test staff. This way devices can pass even initially failed tests. After that, in phase two, all devices are connected in a big network where the system test portion of the specification is being tested with different scanner devices.

Later on, devices that support DLR, the ring mechanism of EtherNet/IP, can test this in a special, optional test.

All the attendees had a lot of fun and the event was a great success.