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Corporate News

May 08, 2019

New R&D Center Opens in Oppenweiler

Space for Creativity and Innovation

Murrelektronik has opened a new research and development center at its company headquarters outside of Stuttgart, Germany. At a little over 40,000ft², the new space provides the R&D team with a whole lot of space for creativity and innovation.

Bernd Waser, Murrelektronik’s Head of Development for Automation & Power, explains: “When we designed our new R&D center, it was really important to us to provide a way for quality, efficient communication between employees.” Communication areas in the new space invite Murrelektronik teams to work together helping each other solve problems of all sizes. There are also many quiet areas in the new space so developers can focus on creating new ideas in a calm environment.

Combining the different R&D teams under the one roof encourages cooperation among the groups. The new R&D center is also home to a learning workshop for Murrelektronik’s technical trainees and interns. The workshop is designed as a space where they can experiment and play without limits.

The materials used in the R&D center were selected to promote a natural working environment. The use of wood provides sound dampening while the clay walls keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature no matter the season.