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Product news

Oct 26, 2018

Eco Rail2

Focus on Essentials

Eco-Rail-2 power supplies offer machine and control cabinet manufacturers a way to economically provide basic functionality thus allowing them to meet their price and performance goals.

Market demands are steadily increasing. Maximum efficiency and performance are a must, even at high temperatures. Diagnostic and communication abilities are also increasingly in demand as components are integrated into higher-level networks and become a part of Industry 4.0 applications.  Murrelektronik offers advanced high-performance solutions to meet these needs but at the same time, "classic" applications still exist. In these cases, an engineer does not have to deal with special conditions and the power supply does not have to be integrated into a system. The main requirement in these cases is a power supply that operates reliably, flexibly and economically.

Murrelektronik Eco-Rail-2 series power supplies are designed for these applications. They easily meet all basic requirements and help to keep overall control cabinet costs in line. The series is comprised of five devices with current ratings ranging from 1.3 to 20A.  Each device’s output voltage can be adjusted from 23 to 28V to meet the demands of the connected products when distance is a factor.  Additionally, connecting two power supplies in series will allow the output voltage to be increased to 48V.

Eco-Rail-2 is designed for temperature ranges between 0 and 55°C and thus covers a wide range of application areas. The power supply is easily mounted on DIN rail while the screw terminals on the front of the unit make cable connection quick and easy. Their UL approval enables worldwide use.