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Product news

Sep 01, 2016

New Cube67+ Ethernet/IP Bus Node

New Features: Placeholders, Free I/O Mapping and Machine Option Management

The Cube67+ Ethernet/IP bus node now has three new features – Placeholder, Free Mapping and Machine Option Management – increasing the efficiency of its diagnostic capabilities.

These features now add greater flexibility to an already state-of-the-art system:

• The Placeholder allows users to reserve input and output bytes inside the Cube67+ station for future system expansions.

• The Free I/O Mapping functionality allows users to define the addresses of each I/O module connected to the Cube67+ station.

Machine Option Management allows users to change the topology of a Cube67+ station without changing his PLC program.

Rated IP67, Cube67+ works outside the cabinet, and is tough enough to handle water, oil and any use and abuse placed upon modern industrial machines. The new features of the Cube67+ fieldbus system offer best-in-class diagnostic software that sends a message to the controller visually pinpointing where the fault lies. This allows users to quickly and efficiently correct the problem, without reprogramming the entire machine, thereby reducing downtime and stabilizing productivity. The newly upgraded Cube67+ bus node (Art. No. 56535) is now available.