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Product news

May 22, 2017

Modlight Illumix

Lighting for any Job!

These powerful LEDs achieve a light output of 105 lumens per watt, providing long-lasting, maintenance free and energy saving LED technology for ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F). Modlight Illumix lights offer standardized M8 or M12 connections, and deliver a significant cost reduction via 24VDC, with no additional power supply required. It also provides a simple and safe assembly, due to rotatable integrated mounting brackets.

The Illumix Classic Line has an M12 port and displays its strengths in harsh, industrial environments, such as plant engineering, packaging, textile, paper, machinery and woodworking industries. Providing perfect illumination in daylight quality, the durable, yet compact design – made with an aluminum housing with toughened safety glass – allows this product to be used in small spaces, with mounting ability in almost any machine or system. The Modlight Illumix Classic Line series features an IP67 protection class, and is suitable for use in environments with coolants and lubricants, chip or sparks.

Constructed of a robust aluminum and plastic housing, the Modlight Illumix Slim Line series is specifically designed for lighting machines and workstations in which a plastic light cover can be used, such as in manufacturing plants, packaging, textile or paper machines. Featuring an IP54 protection class, along with an M8 port and providing perfect daylight quality, the compact design of the Modlight Illumix Slim Line also allows this product to be mounted in small spaces.