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Product news

Oct 11, 2017

Modlink Heavy

Heavy Duty Plug Connectors

Murrelektronik’s Modlink Heavy series of heavy-duty plug connectors guarantees secure transmission of signals, energy, data and pneumatics in the roughest industrial environments. They protect interfaces from water, coolants and lubricants, dirt and high mechanical loads.

We provide a broad range of products. Our strength lies in the configuration flexibility of our plug connectors. Housings are offered in four different types, each one in seven different sizes. We offer three different locking methods. And our inserts come in a variety of either
fixed-pole or modular versions.

With all of the possible combinations, you can create an solution tailored to your application.

• Four different housing styles: grommet, surface mounted, socket & coupling  
• Seven different sizes: A3, A10, A16, B6, B10, B16, B24
• Three different locking mechanisms
• Fixed-pole or Modular Inserts
• Three connection styles: crimp, screw, push-in