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Product news

May 08, 2019


Turn the Switch, Change the Protocol

SOLID67, Murrelektronik’s new line of compact fieldbus modules simplify field installations as each module can be used in an Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet installation and they have a combination of both IO-Link and classic IO ports. The modules are ready for use in industrial environments thanks to their fully encapsulated metal housing and impressive shock and vibration resistance (15 and 5 G). The extensive diagnostic functions on each module, available via the control system or an integrated web server, make troubleshooting easy.

Simplified inventory management
“Our SOLID67 modules are dual protocol. They can switch between Ethernet/IP and ProfiNet. This is an excellent solution for customers who are building for a global market. To change from one protocol to another, all they have to do is turn a rotary switch on the device. Because fewer modules have to be kept in stock, inventory management is simplified, and costs are lowered.”
Michael Greiner, Product Manager- Murrelektronik

Using all ports
The ports (pin 4) on the IO-Link master modules feature a multifunctional design that allows them to be used for IO-Link sensors and actuators or they can be configured as classic inputs or outputs. A single module can read all kinds of signals.

Shorter installations
The L-coded M12 power connectors used on these modules (L-coded) can carry current loads of up to 16A. Multiple modules can be daisy chained to supply power where needed. This simplifies the installation and shortens the cable runs.

Minimizing space requirements
At only 30 millimeters wide, the thin SOLID67 modules are ideal for installations with limited space that need IO-Link capability. Modules can be installed close to the process, and sensors and actuators can be connected with the shortest possible connectors.