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Powerful components for every application

Twice As Small, Twice As Fast

Relays from Murrelektronik are extremely small but perform the best. Integrated LEDs always show the current switching status. Several labels keep the cabinet organized during operation. Relay modules with pluggable relay components are excellent for applications that switch frequently: When the switching component is worn out it can be replaced without any wiring efforts.

100% Tested Murrelektronik quality

  • Integrated LED display
  • Integrated labeling options
  • Integrated suppression for relays - no external suppressors needed
  • Over 600 models offer the best product range
  • Model with gold contacts switches low currents reliably
  • Potential separation jumpers reduce the wiring efforts

Variety of Options

Many different connection methods are available including screw terminals, spring clamp terminals or the time saving push-in spring clamp terminals. This variety makes to possible to find the best solution for your application.

Comprehensive approvals

MB Redundancy modules have worldwide approvals. This is very important for companies working internationally.

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