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and Mission

Our Guiding Principle

We are driven to take plant automation and machinery to new heights. We want to make it simpler, faster and more profitable. We provide our customers with custom solutions from single components (e.g. power supplies) to up to zero-cabinet system installations.

  • Murrelektronik field bus modules for decentralized installation concepts

    Zero cabinet, distributed approach

    We take components out of the control cabinet and move them into the field. In doing so, installations become flexible, cost effective and user-friendly. This increases your competitiveness and is an important step towards readying your facilities for the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Murrelektronik Passive Distributor with Murrelektronik Connection Technology

    Plug connectors – why use anything else?

    Our molded connectors and distribution boxes combined with our prewired valve plugs reduce installation time by up to 40% and ensure error-free, reliable connections.

  • Maximum System Availability

    Preventative and LED diagnostics provide a host of valuable information. Combine that with our high-quality products to insure maximum run time in a facility. Return on investment is reached quickly allowing our customers to remain competitive in today’s markets.

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Customer Focused

We listen to our customers. They know exactly where the problems and challenges lie within their facilities. To find the best solutions, they rely on an experienced partner like Murrelektronik.

We are trusted industry-wide. For more than 40 years we have worked with customers from a variety of industries including packaging, logistics and automotive. Developing and implementing tailored solutions for automation systems is what we do best.

When we combine our customers expert knowledge with our multidisciplinary know-how, we find the best solution for their machines and systems. All built with proven products from Murrelektronik.

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Stay Connected

At Murrelektronik, we strive to establish long-term connections not only technically, but also with our 
customers, employees and suppliers. Our company ethos and direction are driven by these connections.

Delivering above and beyond our customer’s expectations is central to Murrelektronik. How can we make their facilities better? More profitable? Longer lasting?

We appreciate the experiences and ideas our employees bring to our global team. Their feedback and contributions are a key part of our continued growth and success. 

We also value the relationships we have with our suppliers. They keep the Murrelektronik machine going and growing.


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