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Decentralized, Flexible, Protocol Independent


The compact modular IO system

Cube is a modular fieldbus system designed for decentralized installation concepts. Its flexibility makes it easy to develop the right solution for any application.

Cube has great functionality, plug-in connections, a robust and compact design, encapsulated modules, multi-functional digital channels and IP ratings from IP20 to IP69k. The distributed IO modules are installed right next to the sensors and actuators freeing up cabinet space and reducing terminal connections. A system cable connects modules to the bus node and transfers both data and power. Extensive diagnostics make it easy to solve problems if they occur.

Cube solutions offer a high return on investment across the entire life cycle of a machine via the simplified design, fast machine assembly, error-free commissioning and maximized system uptime.

Cube System Highlights

  • Custom installation concepts: configure a solution to meet your needs
  • High return on investment: planning and installation efforts are reduced
  • Flexibility: numerous function modules (IO-Link, RS485/MOVIMOT®…) and multi-functional ports
  • “Replace the bus node not the system” Bus nodes are available for all common protocols.
  • Transparency Maximized: precise, detailed diagnostics

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Decentralization at its Best

Bus Node

The bus node is the Cube system’s connection to the PLC. It supplies the system and all connected sensors and actuators with power while monitoring currents using a smart load circuit control (Mico).

Change the protocol, not the system

The installation concept remains the same regardless of the PLC and protocol. Simply change the bus node to match the desired protocol. Murrelektronik offers bus nodes for all common field bus systems.

System Cable

A single system cable connects the modules to the bus node transferring data and power and reducing your installation efforts.

Cube I/O Modules

The wide variety of modules (digital, analog and function) helps create flexible and efficient field installations.


Cube20 integrates IO signals (IP20) from enclosures and junction boxes into the Cube installation in a cost effective way.

One System From Start to Finish

A Cube system easily combines control cabinet installations (IP20) with field installations (IP67).


Cube67 is an expandible, distributed and modular fieldbus I/O system for IP67 applications. The wide variety of modules allows customers to design installations to fit their given application.  A single system cable connects the modules to the bus node while  transferring both data and power. Installing modules near the process reduces installation complexity and efforts.

  • Arrange modules along the system cable to suit the application
  • Simple module addressing reduces commissioning time
  • Extensive system expansion (up to 60 meters) with no additional protection required since the bus node includes smart current monitoring (Mico)
  • IP67 rated, fully potted, compact modules can be installed next to the process. No need for junction boxes.
  • Hygienically designed, IP69K rated modules for the food and beverage industry
  • Plug-in connections prevent connection errors while enabling faster installation and separation for transport


Cube20 is an expandable, modular fieldbus I/O system for control cabinets. It can be operated as a stand-alone unit or in combination with Cube67. Cube20 is specifically designed for the requirements of modern control cabinet wiring. High component handling costs can be kept to a minimum with Cube20.

  • Compact design, low overall height
  • High channel density
  • 32 channels per I/O module. Up to 488 I/Os on just 90 cm
  • Up to 15 expansion modules with a single node address
  • Detailed, single channel diagnostics and transparent terminals with LEDs make it easy to find errors
  • Maintenance-free, spring clamp terminals

Machine Option Management

System solutions – matched to your applications

MOM allows you to switch different Cube modules on or off via the controller/HMI during operation. This is the basis for modular machine configuration, easy tool changes, standard machines with different degrees of IO expansion, optional machine attachment parts and sequential commissioning. MOM reduces project planning and documentation efforts while also providing exceptional system flexibility.


Flexibility is the key. Cube67 applications have been successfully installed in a wide range of industries including
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