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Safety Technology

From Murrelektronik

Optimum protection for man and machine

Safety is a top priority in the automation industry. Decentralized safety installation concepts from Murrelektronik make it possible to achieve high safety categories for the entire system.

Murrelektronik offers a wide variety of options, each with an excellent price-performance ratio, to the meet requirements of your application.

  • When necessary, module outputs have to be powered down and affected machine modules have to be switched off safely. Safe installations can be implemented that include passively safe fieldbus modules and reliable safety relays. If you are using fieldbus modules, standard products can be used, making it easy to get started.
  • With MVK Metall Safety, MVK Fusion and Cube20S, Murrelektronik offers high-end safety solutions. These products, when used in conjunction with a safe controller (F-PLC or CNC), allow you to achieve safe inputs and outputs. Using the PROFINET/PROFIsafe or PROFIBUS/PROFIsafe fieldbus protocol guarantees reliable transmission of safety-relevant data. This also achieves EN ISO 13849-1 safety categories. Extensive built-in diagnostic options help simplify day to day operations.

You can use a wide variety of safety devices including light barriers, light grids, two-hand controls, E-STOP and Reset buttons, safety valves, laser scanners, safety gate systems and more in Murrelektronik's installation concepts.

Murrelektronik Senior Product Manager Michael Greiner Portrait

Murrelektronik's safety devices effectively and economically transmit the signals necessary for the safe operation of both machines and systems.

Michael Greiner, Murrelektronik safety expert

Solutions with Murrelektronik safety products

Murrelektronik MIRO SAFE

Versatile safety relays

MIRO SAFE+ relays from Murrelektronik

Safety relays are a proven solution in functional safety technology. They switch off safely and guarantee safe working processes. Operation is easy – there is no additional software or integration into the control system needed. MIRO SAFE+ achieves safety-related standards up to Performance Level e (PLe) according to EN13849-1.


Safe I/O modules

MVK Metal Safety and MVK Fusion

IP67 rated MVK Metal Safety and MVK Fusion modules are resistant to media and vibrations making them ideal for applications in harsh industrial environments. They offer comprehensive diagnostic options and are designed to work with PROFIsafe, a safety-related extension of PROFINET.


Murrelektronik MVK Fusion
Murrelektronik EMERGENCY STOP pushbutton with coloured key caps

Safe command devices

Emergency stop & reset buttons: safe command devices

Safe command devices must always be accessible and functional. Murrelektronik's E-STOP and RESET pushbuttons are integrated into installations using pre-assembled M12 standard cables to save time. This minimizes the risk of wiring errors. “Plug & Play” technology makes the control devices immediately ready for use.

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