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Product news

Mar 27, 2013

Give Breakers a Break

How to Protect Your 24V DC Control Circuits Better

When it comes to 24V DC Circuits

Do You...
• Cut and damage sensor cables?
• Risk a fire with long cables?
• Open control cabinets to reset breakers?
• Smell insulation burning in your cables?
• Have to guess which fuse is blown?
• Oversize your power supply to prevent nuisance trips?
• Waste energy on circuits not in use?
• Like extra wiring in a control cabinet?
• Need more room in your control cabinet?
• Need faster response time of shorted circuits?
• Need UL508 and CSA listed devices?
• Need a change from the old ways?

Murrelektronik has the solution.
Download our white paper and find out more...