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MVP12 Steel

The IP69K Stainless Steel Distribution Box

Murrelekltronik MVP12 Steel - IP69K Stainless Steel Distribution Box

Easy to Clean!

Components of machines and installations in the F&B industry have to be easy to clean. This is why Murrelektronik's MVP12 Steel distribution box is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is an ideal solution to implement a decentralized approach in F&B machines and installations. Routing cables while meeting hygienic requirements in food and beverage applications require a lot of effort. With the MVP12 Steel distribution box, eight sensor cables are replaced by one homerun cable reducing installation time.

Resistant and functional

  • IP69K rating
  • Closed stainless steel housing
  • V4A ports
  • FDA compliant homerun cable
  • LEDs at the port
  • ECOLAB certified and FDA approved
High IP rating
Stainless Steel
Permanently resistant up to IP69K

The IP66K, IP67, IP68 (96 hours) and IP69K ratings ensure maximum system availability. The products are made for wet zones, including precleaning, cleaning, rinsing or disinfection.

Maximum corrosion resistant

Products made of Stainless Steel ensure corrosion resistance and a neutral behaviour regarding absorption and contamination of food.

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