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November 10, 2020

Ask the Expert!

Over the next quarter we'll be asking Michael Mowrey, Business Development Manager - Ethernet, what we need to know about Murrelektronik's Network Technology products. This week, we'll ask "Managed or unmanaged? What is the right switch for my application?"

Unmanaged switches, such as Xelity or Xenterra, are typically the most cost-effective way of connecting Ethernet devices in small and/or local networks. These switches basically make sure that Ethernet data flows without collisions. There are applications with special requirements that may demand a managed switch, as Murrelektronik’s Tree Lite- and Full-managed switches.

Managed switches increase availability of critical applications thanks to functionalities such as ring topology management, port mirroring for network troubleshooting and NAT for accessing the system from an external network. These devices also allow packet prioritization making sure time sensitive data gets higher priority on the network. Last but not least, managed switches can be controlled/monitored by PLCs through an Ethernet/IP or Profinet connection.

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