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Modular Fieldbus System

Connect Sensors and Actuators the Cost-effective Way

Cube67 is Murrelektronik’s award winning, modular fieldbus system. It can be customized to meet the specific requirements of an installation solution. Cube67 is characterized by its single cable technology, multi function modules, flexible installation methods and robust, potted circuitry. The unique single cable module connection transfers both power and data from a single bus node to connected modules simplifying installation.

A wide model range allows many combinations

  • Bus nodes for most of the major protocols
  • Up to 32 modules on a single IP address
  • Installation lengths of up to 60m
  • Star and linear topologies
  • Analog, digital and special function modules
  • Over 80 different function modules
Change the bus not the system
IP67 Rated
Machine Option Management (MOM)
Murrelektronik change the bus not the system pictogram
Minimal Engineering Effort

Installation concepts based on Cube20 and Cube67 can be easily integrated into higher level fieldbus systems with a single bus node. Machine modules can remain the same across multiple platforms and adapted to different protocols by swapping only the one bus node as needed for a different protocol.

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Resistant to Environmental Forces

The unit is dust-tight, tamper-proof and protected against temporary immersion which is defined as spending up to 30 minutes in water that's 1m deep.

Murrelektronik machine option management pictogram
A Concept with Options

Machines and systems often differ only in their options. With the Machine Option Management (MOM), hardware and software are configured once, based on a standardized maximum configuration. To simplify setup, the MOM recognizes the option installed and activates the modules required.

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