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Flat Cables Take I/O Systems Into the Field

Murrelektronik MASI67 with flat cables

The installation solution MASI, the AS-Interface system from Murrelektronik, allows easy and low-cost connection of IO signals to superior control systems. MASI allows flexible installation concepts for control cabinet and field, without being tied to rigid topologies.

MASI67 is the Murrelektronik product series for implementing installations with profile cables. Modules can be attached to any desired position of the profile cable. They are fully potted and therefore particularly robust. MASI67 is a very flexible installation concept for a broad field of applications, for example mechanical and plant engineering or the automobile industry.

High flexibility

  • Passively safe up to PL d (EN ISO 13849-1) – for the versions in connection with, for example, the MIRO SAFE+ relays from Murrelektronik
  • Any positioning of the modules along the profile cable
  • Quick connection through piercing technique
  • Compact design
  • For industrial use through fully potted design
  • Insensitive to mechanical effects such as vibrations and shock
  • For M8 and M12 applications with four or eight ports with ports of single or double occupation

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