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November 25, 2019

Cube67+ IO-Link Bus Nodes

Full IO-Link Support with up to 128 Master Ports

Cube67+ Ethernet/IP IO-Link bus nodes are ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) conformant devices. The functions were confirmed to have met the latest requirements of the Ethernet/IP specification.

The Cube67 system offers a wide range of features including robust, fully-potted housings, multi-functional inputs and outputs, and industry standard (M8, M12, Mini, Sub-D) connections. Extensive diagnostics make troubleshooting and maintenance easy. IP67 and IP69k rated modules can be installed in the field next to the sensors and actuators reducing the number of terminals in the control cabinet and freeing up space.

Murrelektronik’s Cube67+ Ethernet/IP bus node allows you to have up to 32 IO devices or 128 IO-Link master ports with only one IP address which reduces wiring efforts along with PLC costs. A simple and intuitive web interface (available in four languages) helps decrease installation and maintenance time for the device. The “onboard” IOOD management tool allows for library storage of multiple IO-Link enabled devices for quick reference, parameter settings, and swappable functions.  This allows for an all in one location and IODD onboard eliminates the need for additional tools or Add-On Instructions to configure IO-Link devices. A broad portfolio of accessories, including IO-Link analog converters, IO-Link hubs, and practical inductive couplers, and over 100 different types of expansion modules open up a range of possibilities for the installation of this high-quality field bus module.

“The Cube67+ bus node module is simply the smartest way to connect Ethernet/IP IO-Link devices,” said Rafael Calamari, Product Manager - Fieldbus. "Combining it with Murrelektronik’s variety of IO-Link hubs and analog converters will not only increase flexibility, but also reduce hardware costs for your organization.”


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