IO-Link Ports and Data | Murrelektronik

January 23, 2020

IO-Link Ports and Data

In the final episode of our 3-part IO-Link video series, let's see how hubs benefit an installation. We'll also learn more about Class A and Class B ports and the properties of each.

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What is IO-Link, Part 2

Now that we have learned what IO-Link is and how it can benefit our installations, let's look into the IO-Link products offered by Murrelektronik.

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What is IO-Link?

Have you heard the word IO-Link in conversation and wondered what people were talking about? Is is a new social media platform? A fieldbus protocol? A way to keep track of a family...

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Cube67+ IO-Link Bus Nodes

Full IO-Link Support with up to 128 Master Ports

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