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Emparro HD – Heavy Duty

Perfect for extreme ambient conditions

The Emparro HD switched power supply is designed for use in particularly tough environments to guaran-tee a reliable supply of electricity.

The preferred application areas for Emparro HD are areas in which power supply units may be installed in a control cabinet, but are still exposed to a variety of external influences, for example on spreaders (lifting equipment for moving containers), construction cranes, and systems of internal conveyor technology. The power supply units are often found on movable parts and are exposed to high induction voltages or weather elements, like extreme temperatures and high air humidity.

Emparro HD provides reliable power in extreme conditions

  • High vibration and shock resistance thanks to encapsulation and compact design
  • Maximum overvoltage resistance as effective protection against voltage peaks like nearby lightning strikes
  • Tool-free connection technology through oversized leash terminals
  • High efficiency even at extreme temperatures of −40 to +80 °C

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