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Switch Mode Power Supplies for Decentralized Installation Concepts

Power Supply Directly Next To The Load

Emparro67 power supply units are designed for applications in the field. They are durable enough to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions. Emparro67 significantly reduces power loss and lowers energy costs because they can be installed directly next to the load where the conversion from 230 V AC to 24 V DC takes place. Another benefit is that you can use smaller control cabinets.

Decentralized Solutions

  • Low power loss
  • High efficiency of up to 94.2%
  • Active PFC
  • Ambient temperature up to 85 °C
  • Extremely rugged, fully potted IP67 housing
  • Contact-safe installation even under full load
  • Flat, compact design
Current Limiter
IP67 Rated
Input Voltage
Mean Time Between Failures
Power Boost
Protection from Overload Damage

In the event of overload, the output voltage is controlled with a constant current. It is limited to 100% of the nominal current (or to 150% in Power boost mode). This protects the power supply from damage.

Murrelektronik Efficiency pictogram
95% Efficiency Rating

A higher efficiency rating equals minimum power loss, which equals reduced operating costs. Emparro’s lower operating temperature ensures that the device, and the components installed around it, will not be as affected by heat build up in the cabinet. Therefore, control cabinets with smaller dimensions can be used.

Murrelektronik ip rated pictogram
Resistant to Environmental Forces

The unit is dust-tight, tamper-proof and protected against temporary immersion which is defined as spending up to 30 minutes in water that's 1m deep.

A Global Player

The wide input voltage range makes Emparro suitable for worldwide use.

High MTBF Value

Emparro67 has a high M value. MTBF describes the Mean Time Between Failures.

Murrelektronik power boost pictogram
Startup with a single power supply

The device supplies up to 50% more power to start up higher loads and capacities without using a second power supply.

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