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IO-Link Analog Converter

IO-Link connection for analog sensors and actuators

Murrelektronik's IO-Link analog converter

Easily connect analog sensors and actuators to IO-Link masters with Murrelektronik’s IO-Link analog converters.

While many sensors and actuators are designed for use in IO-Link applications, there are times when you still have to integrate classic analog sensors and actuators into an installation concept. Murrelektronik’s IO-Link analog converters are the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to integrate conventional analog sensors to gain the benefits of an IO-Link installation. They convert the analog signal to the IO-Link protocol making it possible to connect a wide range of analog devices to an IO-Link master.

Murrelektronik offers a wide range of IO-Link analog converters. The product family has been expanded to include devices for temperature, resistance and single-wire measurement. Multifunctionality, plug & play capabilities, precision and speed are the distinguishing features of these products.

  • Makes any conventional analog sensor or actuator IO-Link-capable
  • Interference free, measured value transmission using standard, unshielded M12 cables
  • Fast and precise conversion with 16-bit resolution.
  • Multi signal converters (Multi-AI-I/U, Multi-AO-I/U, Multi-RTD and Multi-Thermocouple) allow you to reduce the number of converters kept on hand.
  • Preconfigured plug & play models make the switch to IO-Link quick and easy
  • Extensive diagnostic options via IO-Link and built-in LEDs
  • NEW: Single-wire IO-Link analog converter for direct connection of analog 3-wire sensors – without ground bridge in the connector.
  • NEW: Analog converter for temperature measurements of resistors (RTD/PT) and thermocouplers.

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