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Emparro ACCUcontrol

Keeping machines alive

The Emparro ACCUcontrol UPS module rounds out the high-performance Emparro power supply system. In the event of a power failure, it automatically switches to battery operation and prevents machine downtimes. Investing in a UPS system frequently pays for itself the first-time a stoppage is avoided.

External lead batteries with a capacity of up to 40 Ah ensure a long-lasting bridging period. The UPS module is available for 20 A or 40 A systems. Emparro ACCUcontrol can be assembled without the use of tools and is maintenance free. Because it is only 65mm wide, the 20A model needs very little space in the control cabinet.

Reliable power supply in the event of faults

  • Machine downtimes are prevented through uninterrupted switching to battery operation in power failures
  • Maximum lifetime through temperature-controlled battery charging
  • High operational reliability through comprehensive control and diagnosis options with predictive maintenance
  • A shutdown function for IPCs prevents data loss with easy-to-use computer software
Maximum life time
Predictive Maintenance
Simple connection
Murrelektronik maximum life time pictogram
Maximum life time: The cooler, the better

Batteries perform better and they live longer in cooler temperatures. As a result, Emparro ACCUcontrol can charge batteries based on temperature. The charging voltage is adapted to the ambient temperature. This feature allows you to achieve maximum battery life, even in a high temperature environment.

Murrelektronik predictive maintenance pictogram
Predictive maintenance: Get informed before failure

Emparro ACCUcontrol permanently monitors the internal resistance of connected batteries. If limits are exceeded, the device gives a warning signal over an alarm contact. The battery replacement can then be scheduled for the next maintenance period. This predictive information prevents unplanned failures from happening and keeps you from having to send service technicians into the field for small jobs.

Murrelektronik simple connection pictogram
Simple connection to IPCs

Emparro ACCUcontrol is easily connected to an industrial computer via mini-USB. In the event of power failure, the industrial PC will shut down in a controlled manner. Also, live monitoring of grid voltage and battery charging status is possible. Operating states can be documented in a protocol and operating parameters can be set easily without problems.

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